We build custom surfboards

We specialize in high performance short boards, summer logs and everything in between

Short boards

Constructed with our New Technology. Our performance short boards are designed to flex and store energy in ways that are unimaginable.

Alternative shapes

My personal favorite. the perfect blend of performance and fun.

Long boards

Classic, traditional, modern, high performance, glider, slider, pig.



Aloha, My name is Joey Mattos. I'm a surfboard builder located on the Island of Maui.  I specialize in a wide variety of board designs from high performance short boards, summer logs and everything in between.  Hand-built custom surfboards are the foundation of what I do and I believe in investing the time and committing to the process.  All surfboards are made in house, start to finish, with only the finest materials sourced from around the world.

Aqua Dump Productions began in 2011, near the shores of Waiehu.  Shaping quickly became a way to take my radical and fun surf board ideas and make them a reality.  ADP was based out of Waiehu the first 3 years, where I developed my steady base of support.  In 2014 I moved to Kihei where I've been able to expand my work space to incorporate our own fiberglass work. 

I was taught the process of shaping and glassing through local shapers and through those basic concepts i have learned to design my own surfboards thru countless hours of personal research.  My passion has always been to design and create my own boards from start to finish and every board is shaped, sanded by myself while the fiber glassing is split between me and my wife Tiana Mattos who has an incredible passion and knack for resin tint, pigment and fabric work.